• Deputy Director-General: Counter Corruption & Security Services – Adv. Constance Moitse
  • Chief Director: Security Services – 
  • Specialist: Vetting – Mr Katole Olifant
  • Director: Prevention & Analysis – Ms Grace Mashigo
  • Director: Physical Security – Mr Lesley Tau
  • Director: Investigations – Maj.Gen. N H Mokoena


Responsibility of the Counter Corruption and Security Services branch

  • To investigate alleged corruption and fraud which involves DHA officials.
  • To encourage all DHA employees, its stakeholders and members of the public to strive for the prevention, detection and reporting of fraud or corruption that has a potential to have an impact on the department.
  • To enforce physical security and access control and the safe guarding of DHA assets, employees and clients.


The Statement of Attitude

The DHA adopts a zero tolerance stance towards fraud, corruption, poor servicedelivery and all forms of unethical behaviour.


Responsibility of employees of the department of Home Affairs (DHA) in terms of the Code of Conduct for Public Servants:

An employee:

  • May not use their official position to obtain or accept private gifts or benefits during the performance of official duties as these may be interpreted as bribes;
  • In the course of official duties, an employee shall report fraud, corruption, nepotism, mal-administration and any other act which constitutes an offence, or which is prejudicial to public interest.


Responsibility of DHA clients:

  • To refrain from giving any DHA official a gift, money, snacks or food or any “token of appreciation”.
  • To report fraud or corruption the client is aware of or has witnessed.
  • Prior to visiting a DHA office, know what service(s) you need and the requirements.
  • Request a receipt for any payment made at the Home Affairs office.


Where to report fraud and corruption

  • Ask for any office manager in a Home Affairs office; or
  • Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or
  • Call National Anti-Corruption Hotline at 0800 701 701


Information to provide when reporting fraud or corruption

  • Place or office where the incident took place.
  • The date and time of the incident.
  • The name(s) of DHA official involved.
  • Name of other people involved.
  • Any proof or information that can assist with the investigation.


 Approved DHA Corruption And Fraud Prevention Strategy 2023     Approved Fraud Prevention Plan 2023 

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