This communication serves to inform all stakeholders of the Department of Home Affairs’ decision emanating from the President's announcement with regards to lockdown level 1 and all the applicable permits related to asylum seekers and refugees.

All permits/visa issued to refugees and asylum seekers are deemed valid until 31 January 2021. In this regard there is no need for asylum seekers and refugees to extend a permit/visa since the Minister of Home Affairs has extended all permits/visas and deemed them valid until 31 January 2021. All the rights, benefits and obligations of asylum seekers and refugees remain the same. The refugee and asylum seeker permits that expired during lockdown will not be subject to any penalties.

The Refugee Reception Centres have closed since the commencement of lockdown and all the applicable levels. The Refugee Reception Centres will remain closed until 31 January 2021 or until the Republic of South Africa declarers them open.

All stakeholders, refugees and asylum seekers will be notified when the Refugee Reception Centres are declared open.

This communique is to be read alongside the statement made by the Minister of Home Affairs on the 30th of September 2020 that states that, ‘the Department of Home Affairs is extending the validity period of legally issued visas which expired during the lockdown period to 31 January 2021’. The statement can be found on

Issued by Asylum Seeker Management