1 September 2019

The Road Freight and Logistics sector truck drivers associations distanced themselves from the planned strike of the 1st and 2nd of September. However, acts of threats and violence including the burning of trucks took place.

It’s on this score that this Sunday evening, the Ministers of Employment and Labour , Police, Transport and Home Affairs convened an urgent meeting in order to receive a report on the progress made to address the continued violence in the sector as well as plotting a way forward.

The Ministers condemned the ongoing violence and agreed that it is nothing but economic sabotage threatening the economic viability of the SADC region. The meeting emphasised that the acts of sabotage are spearheaded by criminal elements that are responsible for the blockages, burning of trucks and assets, as well as the intimidation and killing of truck drivers in the sector.

The outcome of these discussions are as follows:

  1. Law enforcement will ensure that the authority of the state is not undermined and increase visibility in violent hotspots.
  2. The Ministers agreed that through the Department of International Relations and Cooperation, regional counterparts should be engaged to address this matter.
  3. There will be continuous joint inspections taking place in all provinces to ensure compliance in the sector.
  4. The task team has agreed to develop a clear action plan and provide regular updates on the progress made to the joint inter-ministerial task team.

The meeting further noted that the events are turning more violent and criminal; the South African Police Service will continue to act against any acts of lawlessness. It is important to note that South Africa is not a xenophobic country and whoever is found on the wrong side of the law will be dealt with.

Mr. Sabelo Mali - Media Liaison Officer: Ministry of Employment and Labour - Mobile: 082 729 5804
Ms. Ayanda Allie Paine - Spokesperson: Ministry of Transport - Mobile: 074 823 7979
Ms. Lirandzu Themba - Spokesperson: Ministry of Police - Mobile: 082 604 9080