27 January 2019
The Department of Home Affairs received a notable response from voters who visited its offices on day one of voter registration to collect smart ID cards and green ID books. The Department earlier announced offices will open from 08:00 to 17:00 on Saturday and Sunday, 26-27 January, to assist citizens who need to collect IDs, apply for temporary identification certificates or reapply for IDs.
On 26 January 2019, 19 428 smart ID cards were collected from Home Affairs offices across the country. A total of 3339 green ID books and 1188 Temporary Identification Certificates were issued. In the bigger scheme of things, many more citizens are still expected, and are encouraged, to collect their IDs. With the resources mobilised for this purpose, including officials who were requested to work over the weekend, citizens should seize this opportunity the better to fulfill their civic duties and to exercise their right to vote. About 258 668 smart ID cards are still to be collected.
Home Affairs offices will be opened today, Sunday 27 January 2019, from 8:00-17h00, for citizens to collect their IDs, apply for temporary identification certificates and access other home affairs services.
Siya Qoza, 082 898 1657 (spokesperson for the Minister of Home Affairs)
David Hlabane, 071 342 4284 (media manager for the Department of Home Affairs)
Issued by the Department of Home Affairs