The Department of Home Affairs notes the judgment delivered by the Pretoria High Court yesterday, 07 November 2022, giving the Department 30 days to finalise 182 applications for permanent residence.

The Department is going to abide by the judgment.And the Department understands the judgment very clearly. It simply instructs that the Department finalise applications for permanent residence. It does not instruct that the Department finalises the applications in a particular manner, as purported by other people. It is true that we are faced with a backlog on permanent residence applications. But, nevertheless, we will complete these ones within 30 days, as instructed by the court.

However it is nonsensical for anybody, even counsel for the applicants, to claim that these applicants have “upwards of R15 billion” to invest in South Africa. There is absolutely no proof to arrive at such a conclusion. This lie and inciting the public by claiming that the country will lose a certain amount of money if certain individuals are not allowed to sojourn in the country, will remain just that – propaganda.

The Department has already finalised 18 of these applications, most of which were not   from investors.

Of the 91 applications that have been screened,

  • 36 are for spousal visa
  • 34 are for retirement
  • 07 are for dependents younger than 18 years
  • 06 are relatives visa
  • 03 are for dependents

This means that 86 of the 91 applicants screened do not fall in the categories of any investors who can bring R15 billion into the country. People must stop promising the public something that is not going to happen.

In applying the immigration laws of the country, an impression must not be created that South Africa is accessible only to the super rich.



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