The Department of Home Affairs would like to inform citizens and clients that it has experienced a power failure at its backoffice in Pretoria. All applications that are Live Capture like Smart ID Cards and passports cannot be issued without first being cleared in this backoffice.

The backoffice has got a generator and four Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) which work as back-up. Unfortunately the power damage also affected the UPS when the generator tried to kick off.

This will mean that all Home Affairs offices in the country are unable to issue Smart ID Cards, passports and Temporary Identity Certificates.

The only services that are not affected and will continue being offered are the birth, marriage and death services.

Technicians are working around the clock to ensure that services are speedily restored. We are hoping that they may be restored by tomorrow.

The Department apologises to clients and appeals for their patience.

Further communications, if necessary, will be issued tomorrow.


Bongi Gwala 066 588 3251 (Head of Communication: Department of Home Affairs)

Siya Qoza, 082 898 1657 (Spokesperson for the Minister of Home Affairs)

David Hlabane, 071 342 4284 (Media Manager: Department of Home Affairs)