05 August 2021                                             

The Department of Home Affairs is inviting qualifying Angolan nationals to apply for the Angolan Exemption Permit.

People falling into the following categories are invited to apply:

  1. Angolans who were issued with the Angolan Cessation Permit (ACP) but did not apply for the Angolan Special permit (ASP).
  2. Angolans who were issued with the Angolan Special permit (ASP).
  3. All Angolan refugees or asylum seekers who were issued with Section 24 or Section 22 permits before 31 August 2013, this being the date when the Tripartite Commission Agreement was signed marking the end of the Civil War in Angola.

The spouses and children of the affected Angolan nationals will be allowed to apply for mainstream visas or permits after the main member has obtained his/her exemption permit.

The Department forecasts that 5 000 Angolans could qualify to apply. 

The requirements to apply for the Angolan Exemption Permit are the following:

  • Proof of Refugee/Asylum Seeker Permit issued before 31 August 2013
  • Copy of Angolan Cessation Permit (ACP) or Angolan Special permit (ASP)
  • Angolan passport valid for more than 12 months on date of application.
  • A South African Police Report which the Department will obtain on behalf of the applicant
  • VFS processing fee is R1 090.
  • Any other information that the applicant wishes to submit.

All applications must be submitted online at the VFS office nearest to the applicant, from 16 August 2021. The turnaround time to issue the Angolan Exemption Certificate is eight weeks.

Media enquiries: 

Siya Qoza – 082 898 1657 (spokesperson for the Minister of Home Affairs)

David Hlabane – 071 342 4284 (media manager for the Department of Home Affairs)