10 July 2018
The Department of Home Affairs is experiencing a live capture system downtime, due to an interruption of power supply. Services affected are those relating to application and collection of smart ID cards and passports.
Technicians are on site, diagnosing the problem, after which exercise, the extent of the problem will be established as well as when the system is likely to be fully restored. Meanwhile the department has switched over to its disaster recovery site, which would allow services to resume. Once the main site has been restored, the department will then return to the main site.
The Department apologises to citizens and clients for the inconvenience, particularly those requiring their enabling documents urgently. The department will provide regular updates on the matter.
For media enquiries contact Thabo Mokgola on 060 962 4982 or David Hlabane on 071 342 4284
Issued by Department of Home Affairs