The Department of Home Affairs discontinued the issuance of Temporary Passports since 01 September 2014 and subsequent to that the Emergency Travel Certificates was also discontinued within South Africa. The reason being that when South African citizens travels abroad they are refused entry into a number of countries when travelling on Temporary Passports or Emergency Travel Certificates. This has resulted in litigations and claims against the Department in cases where citizens are refused entry into a particular country despite the Department having issued the Temporary Passport and Emergency Travel Certificates.

These two documents were initially issued as an interim measure due to longer turn-around time to issue a passport. Since the turn-around time has improved drastically it renders the issuance of Temporary Passport redundant hence the discontinuation. Moreover the Department will continue to issue Emergency Travel Certificates to South African citizens abroad under circumstances of emergency travel purposes, e.g. if passport is lost while abroad, proof that an application was submitted on time or on emergency cases; such as family member in distress that need to be assisted immediately or a deceased family member.

Also note that the turn-around time for passport applications lodged in Foreign Missions has not changed.