ISSUE 04 | 2015


Dear Colleagues,

Moetapele heralds the era of excellence

After the elections last year I was given the task to ensure a better client experience at our offices, ports of entry and various of the service points.

Conceptually we had agreed with the senior management that this was not going to be just another campaign, but an effort at constructing a distinctive organizational culture aimed at bringing to the fore the leadership qualities of every one of our employees. Very central to the Moetapele initiative is the involvement of everyone who is part of our organization. No one will be left out because we are all leaders. We are “Bayetapele.” “Moetapele” is a Sesotho word meaning “leader’ and the plural form is “Bayetapele”.

Our country is replete with wonderful examples of great leaders – some of the best that humanity has produced. These leaders have placed at the disposal of our people their best efforts and have displayed qualities such as integrity, dedication, selflessness, and patriotism. There is every reason to expect that each of us is endowed with these qualities.

Moetapele will have to be engaged by all of us, whether we are at head office or at localities in the more remote parts of our country. Whether we hold senior positions or are employed as cleaners, we each play a critical role in the vitality and wellbeing of our organisation. An organisation that functions well, with employees who put their best foot forward, is not just a target that satisfies our own aspirations as the Ministry, its most positive outcome will be visited on the very employees who spend most of their working day within the confines of its operations.

It is important for those of our senior officials or those officials who are based at our head office to know and experience the frontline environment for themselves. Together with some of the senior managers, I shall be spending my five days in a front office that we will announce closer to the time.

It is very central to our Moetapele campaign that we re-establish ourselves in mutual respect for the functions and roles we play. The distance has grown too big. We require commitment from our front-end officials, but likewise the front-end staff should know that we have walked in their shoes and appreciate the challenges they have. Likewise this exercise will hopefully serve to forge closer ties with “head office”.

With our gazes firmly affixed on Moetapele, we will grow into a cohesive and efficient department which has in its employ the best that the civil service has to offer. With this initiative we will become the employer of choice. We will be the best. No less.

Should it still be unclear what the Moetapele initiative means to you; then all you need to know is captured in this single thought. Moetapele challenges you to ask “What must change about me, so that I am a leader?” I look forward to hearing from each of you in this regard. Feel free to write on this subject and send correspondence to me.


Fatima Chohan
Deputy Minister of Home Affairs